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Nathalie Bonnard Grenet

Nathalie Bonnard-Grenet, also a native Parisian, brings French hospitality to the front of the house. Being a restaurateur was not her first choice in life. She received a degree in landscape design from Ecole Superieure d'Agriculture d'Anger (ESA) , and pursued her career in Florida, when she first moved to the United States. She still gardens, and when you enter L’Olivier’s patio you see pots and troughs filled with fresh herbs and seasonal vegetables, testament to her craft.

For all her joy of being an American and living in the Southwest, Nathalie is equally proud of her French roots. She started “Santa Fe Accueil,” which began as a meet up for French conversation, and went on to include her developing a French cooking class and making Santa Fe a part of “Fête de la Musique,” a World Music Day celebration.

Nathalie has always had a passion for nature that has led her on an exciting path. When she moved to Santa Fe she entered not only the “City Different,” but a “world” different. She felt a deep connection with the earth and created Travel Heart, a unique touring company that aimed at guests experiencing nature and learning about the cultures of the Southwest. Travel Heart brought her in touch with people from all over the world and she introduced them to the beauty and wonders of the Southwest, connecting them with all they saw and experienced on a deep, personal level.

Nathalie is the co-owner and front of the house manager of l'Olivier and become a passionate of wines, and earned the sommelier level 1 in 2016.