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About L'Olivier

Restaurant L’Olivier: The Olive Tree is a sacred tree, and a symbol of victory and peace, victory, hope, abundance, wisdom and fertility.

What more fitting name than Restaurant L’Olivier whose chef loves what he does and is committed to the tradition of excellence in food and hospitality.


The history of French cuisine dates back to the middle ages, where meals were determined by the season and what food was available and abundant. The cuisine was influenced by herbs and flavorings brought by traders from as close as Spain and Italy and as far away as Southeast Asia, India, China, Africa and, ultimately, the Americas. Chefs blended these “new” flavors into their traditional recipes with subtlety and finesse, from daily fare to Haute Cuisine.

Chef Xavier is dedicated to continuing this French tradition by incorporating the best flavors from New Mexico and the Southwest into every meal!

Our Location, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Restaurant L'Olivier is located in downtown, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 2 blocks south of the Historic Santa Fe Plaza, surrounded many famous monuments and places.

To find out what's happening year-round in Santa Fe, please visit our partner, TOURISM Santa Fe.